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Oct-09  PAC Controllers have Micro SD Slots - Write Data Files to SD Card or Upgrade Strategies from
the Card!

Apr-09  Simulation Utililty for PAC Project Programming - Must Have!     
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Systems Integrators, Inc.
Opto22 Sales

CDSS offfers discount prices on the entire line of Opto22's
outstanding products.

Note that Opto22 charges list price when buying direct from
the manufacturer.

CDSS offers substantial savings and we back the sales with
expert technical support to help you get up and running quickly
and easily.

Pre-Sales Engineering  * Free *

CDSS provides free pre-sales engineering including:

-general information
-system design and requirements
-communications architecture
-component specification
-application cost estimation
Opto22 Services

CDSS is a systems integrator focused on Opto22.  The vast
majority of our projects utilize Opto22 components.  This
experience, reinforced by manufacturer support and training
allows us to offer expert level support services:

-custom strategy programming
-custom operator interface (HMI) development
-complete system design
-custom data manipulation and report programs
Opto22-Based Products

CDSS offers several complete products featuring Opto22
components at their core:

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Reader Trigger Unit [OAT                       
 Systems Compatible and Certified]

LaserRate laser-based urethane foam rise measurement             
  unit for laboratory QA/QC and R&D

Control Panels custom built to any size and specifications

3D laser-based foam cube dimension analyzer
CDSS is a certified OptoPartner